The Backpacking Mama – who am I ?

Hello all! I am Deenaz Raisinghani, an Indian woman, married to a man in uniform and mother to a spunky toddler name Arianna. We are currently based in India. We live and love to travel and have taken extensive trips all over India and abroad since the last decade or more. We love to take our baby everywhere we go, and she has traveled to ten countries since she was born. We believe that nothing is more fun than backpacking travel, and before we die, we wish to explore every corner of the globe with our child!

Through this blog, I will be guiding more families with kids of all ages to take that dream trip and more…because it is completely possible to backpack with your baby!! I have done it successfully and I am here to help you achieve the same…follow my blog to get all the know how about planning trips within India and overseas with your baby. Also country specific information.

I will also be talking about my life in general around the kid and parenting tips. Please remember that I do not claim to be a ‘guru’ (teacher) or superwoman of any kind, nor do I claim that everything that I have followed is right. This is just the way I see parenting and traveling, and I am here to help other families, especially new mommies to get into the habit of traveling with their kids.

This blog is free to read and access to anyone in the World and I want to keep it that way. So if you are the kind that really wishes to know more about traveling with your kids, and parenting in general, you have reached the right place! have fun, and follow  Namaste!

at the bus stop, Dalgas Boulevard, Copenhagen.jpg

This is my family at a bus stop in Copenhagen, Denmark…yeah we love to travel!

3 thoughts on “The Backpacking Mama – who am I ?”

  1. How do stay safe when u r traveling alone with the baby. Especially the overnight stays at hotels, hostels etc.


    1. Hi Lakshmi, apologies for a really delayed reply. Thanks for asking a very pertinent question. I basically prebook all my accommodations with trusted hostels/hotels(and here it is really important to read reviews of real travellers that are available online on sites like tripadvisor etc). Once I have zeroed in on the destination, I look for a hostel or hotel in a centralised location or one that is in an accessible area. I email them in advance and their response also sets the tone for my confirmation to them. I also stay in BnB apartments which are sometimes shared by the host family. The hostels I usually stay at belong to the Hostelling International (HI HOSTELS) network and are globally known for their security and reliability. I have never faced a problem with safety at HI hostels. I would also stress on the fact that I would prefer a BnB or a hostel over a hotel anyday when travelling with a child as I also get access to a kitchen. I generally follow my instincts and do not head out very late in the night. I also prefer to not carry around anything that would make us soft targets such as loose cash, or sling bags etc. I try to pick up the local language of the destination and mostt important words that would help me get by. I also keep my family back home informed of my whereabouts when Im travelling with the child. Hope this info helps answer your question

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    2. Hi Lakshmi,
      Very sorry about the late response! I try to book hostels/BnB’s that have good reviews and also talk to the hosts of the bnb beforehand and let them know that im travelling with a child by myself. I usually stay at hostels registered with HI (Hostelling International) and they have always been super safe and comfortable and are also at great locations across the World! I try not to venture out too late into the night when im alone with the child… and try to keep my hostel or bnb informed of my plans for the day! I also take a local SIM card to make and receive calls and always use GPS while travelling… reading up the city subway routes and bus routes beforehand and knowing where your countrys embassy is located is also helpful. Trust your instincts generally and youl be safe!


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