So, you Have a Baby now! But You always Wanted to See the World…Here’s How You Can Do It!

Welcome Mums and Dads…and fellow travel junkies like me, for whom endless exploration is the food we feed on…and travelling the World is on our bucket list for life!

So, you have a baby now! You are wondering how you will tick off more places on your list with the lifelong commitment, that is well like getting a tattoo on your face! Lets admit, parenting does not come easy to the best of us…it is a responsibility that we all must accept and be good at. After you have a baby, life does change…but it doesn’t have to change YOU, does it ? I believe that even as a mother to a two year old girl, I have desires to see the World and travel all I can before I die. That is what I used to enjoy the most before I had her, so why should I stop now?

I promised myself that I would take my daughter to Europe before she turns two, when she was in my womb! You got it, I am kind of crazy like that, but imagine the thrill of bonding with your little coochie coo cupcake in a faraway land, away from all familiarity and testing the challenge of motherhood in that situation? If you survive, (and i have no doubts that you will) it will just make your bond stronger and stronger. You will know that you are no less than a Superhero (without the underpants on top ) and you have not let your travel dreams go unfulfilled…

So, while some parents wait forever to let their kids be a certain age before they can travel to the nearest state even, why don’t YOU start now and expose your little baby/toddler/child to the beautiful journey of life by taking them everywhere you want to go. I’l let you in on many handy secrets and hacks that only new mums who have traveled with their babies experience, and you can confidently take that first trip with your baby..before you know it, you will start traveling ALONE with your little one AND you will ENJOY the experience immensely.

16933387_10155094830764533_1229264175_n - Copy

Backpacking mama in Jaipur – Old City…and baby’s first elephant sighting!!!

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