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A Travel Column on Indian Express|Express Parenting

So this happened after I was featured on Express Parenting a few months ago. If you have not yet read the interview, you can read it here. Since the last couple of months, I have been writing a travel column for the Indian Express. This column on Express Parenting addresses topics related to travelling the World with kids. I offer tips and advice for first timers as well as seasoned travellers who wish to explore the World with their children. After all, my primary motive is to encourage other parents, especially Indian moms to travel with their children. I often get a lot of queries on my page  on Instagram from parents looking for handy advice that they can refer to while planning a trip, to destinations they can choose within India and abroad. This made me think about writing about specific topics that will help parents take that first leap towards travelling, maybe also backpacking with their kids. I am sharing the links to these articles below for quick reference. Please do not forget to share it with your networks, and follow my blog if you want to stay updated with my latest travel content:

Travelling with kids: A Backpacking Mom’s top 6 Spots in India

Surviving long haul journeys: A Mom’s Guide to Stress Free Travel

Travelling with Kids: Why it’s a Good Idea to Eat like a Local

Travelling with Kids: How to be a Tourist in Your Own City

Travelling with Kids: Here’s why you should try a BnB Stay

What to pack for your backpacking trip: A travelling mom’s checklist

Plan some unique getaways with your family this holiday season

Stay tuned because there will be more content coming soon!

If you liked what you read, please follow my blog and share it with your networks. Its never too late to start exploring the World or help someone do it!

Backpacking with my little One!!

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