My Travel Story

Hello everyone!

I am Deenaz

and I have been travelling with my daughter Arianna since 2016. My travel story started when I was a child. I was always fascinated by history and new destinations, and my parents did a good job taking my brother and I around several places of historical importance in India. My second brush with travel started when I met my future husband who is in the forces, and through him, I was introduced to the concept of ‘backpack travel’, where one is the beast of one’s own burden throughout the trip, and is exposed to a communal way of travelling mostly using public transport and meeting like-minded travelers along the way. We have travelled across more than 17 countries, and throughout the length and breadth of India from Siachen base camp and Ladakh in the north to Kerala in the South. When I conceived my child in 2014, I made a secret wish to take her to Europe before she turns two as I had never been to Europe until then. When she was a year old, I took her across Germany as a solo parent, and we travelled with a rucksack, a baby stroller and a baby carrier on me. That first trip taught me more about travel than all the other travels combined, because I was absolutely on my own in a non-English speaking country with my one-year-old, and I had to make sure she and I were safe and also had a good time. We lived in hostels, took public transport and I realised how much she enjoyed the trip. When I came back, I started this blog and my Instagram account, and I instantly learnt how so many other mothers were looking for the same experience but did not know where to begin. I started writing about the beauty of backpack travel, about packing and about child friendly destinations. I continued backpacking as a solo parent across multiple destinations in India and abroad and my confidence grew even further. I felt ready to help other parents who wish to do the same.

Soon, my audience base grew and I began to form a loyal readership of travellers within India and outside India who trusted my advice. Brands too are slowly recognising the need for marketing outdoor travel and adventure services and products to the family segment, who are more than keen to explore the World with their kids. This mutual connection has led me to collaborate and work with brands in the travel and parenting space where I currently blog about my own travels, and also review and recommend destinations, products and services for parents, especially mothers who want to explore backpacking as a lifestyle with their children by themselves.

This has also led me to start a new venture as a trip curator where I work with travel partners, and tour operators and create customised trips for mothers and kids called #backpackwithmom . The first trip of this series is happening in the state of Meghalaya in December 2021.

I welcome you to the blog and hope it will help you in your travel journey with your children. Happy backpacking!!