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Indian Army Day 2019: Three mothers share what it is like to raise kids in military families

“There are times when the child has to quit a particular school mid-session to move to another. At that time, it becomes really challenging for us to give them moral support and confidence. Again, it is the same child who may become emotionally very strong later in life.”

Take a break with a child-free holiday

As mothers, we go through each day with a suitcase full of guilt for every little thing we choose to do without the child. Whether it’s a meal with friends at a restaurant or a parlour appointment, we are always thinking about our children and how they would be managing in our absence.

Travelling with kids: Here’s why you should try a BnB stay

How many times have you travelled to a new destination and thought how nice it would be to actually live there? How many times have you glanced at the locals strolling around in the evening and playing with their kids in pretty neighbourhood parks or just stared at the stunning houses thinking what if you lived in one of these cosy homes yourself?

Worried your child will miss school on National Tourism Day: A guide to surviving music festivals with kids

If you are going to be camping at the fest (such as the Ziro Music Festival in Arunachal Pradesh or Rajasthan in Jaisalmer), you may want to carry a spare sleeping bag and a camping essentials kit along, even if the organisers are arranging the tent for you.

Travelling With Kids: How to handle a child’s mood swings on a trip

No matter how old the child (with the exception of infants), you must try to speak to them at consistent intervals before the travel actually begins. They should be aware of an upcoming journey and the mode of transport you will be using.