Keventer Milk: Why I Recommend It for all Families

Keventer is a brand that is synonymous with memories of yummy tasting dairy products. So when I was recently approached to review the Keventer range of milk, I could not wait to try them before I wrote an honest review about the entire range. Having tried them over the last month, I can now recommend them for my readers.  Here is why it’s a good option for the entire family:

Keventer Milk comes in three variants:

Keventer Standardised is the thick and creamy variant. It is wholesome and nutrient rich and has a fat percentage of 4.5%. It has no added preservatives and is fortified with vitamins A&D. This means that it is a great option for your growing children. Another great point to note is the fact that it is UHT (Ultra High Temperature) treated which basically is a method that sterilizes milk by heating it above 135°C for a few seconds, thus killing all the harmful bacteria. This makes it really safe to consume for children. It comes in aseptic packing and can be stored for upto 180 days without refrigeration. Talking about the price points, it is priced at Rs 60 for 1L, Rs 32 for 500ml and Rs 15 for 200ml


Keventer Toned Milk is the second variant of this range. It is meant for daily consumption having a fat percentage of only 3%. Since it is homogenized and follows aseptic packaging and processing method, it is a great option for on the go consumption. It does not require any boiling and comes in tetra packs with six layers of protection.  This range is available at a price of Rs 55 for 1L, Rs 28 for 500ml and Rs 12 for 200ml.


Keventer Double Toned is the third variant and is a low calorie option for the health conscious. The fat percentage is even lower at just 1.5% and the benefits are just the same as the other variants. This is a good option to carry to work or the gym and consume it after your workout. This range is priced at Rs.50 for 1L and Rs 10 for 200ml.


Why it suits us: I have started using the Keventer Standardised and the Toned variants for our daughter and ourselves.  The thick and creamy wholesome milk (Standardised) with proteins, vitamins, calcium and no added sugar really works for our kid as I often worry about the safety and quality of milk coming to the house from local sellers. The toned milk is a good option for me as I do not prefer full fat milk, so this lighter version suits me while keeping me healthy with fortified nutrients. The primary reason why I recommend this for all families and especially those that love to travel is the sheer convenience of carriage. Imagine being able to consume a fresh glass of milk while you are travelling straight from the packet without having to boil it first.

Great for on the go and home consumption

All the three variants are now also available across markets in Arunachal Pradesh, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Darjeeling, Siliguri, Nagaland and Assam.  So give this a go and let me know if you enjoyed tasting Keventer Milk.

Disclaimer: All the opinions expressed above are my own and not endorsed by the brand. Keventer Milk sent me a range of products to try and write a personal review for my audience.