How effective is Babywearing while travelling with your baby?

You have reached the right page! I had the same question when I was a newbie wearing my baby and was handed an Infantino Flip Carrier by my sister-in-law from Canada. I stared at the box and kept reading it for a long time, just to understand why I needed this item in my new mum’s life. It did not come out of the box until my husband suggested we start taking her out for walks without the pram. She had just crossed three months, and we started wearing her on our evening walks to the lake and back. I enjoyed this new phase of babywearing so much that I instantly took to it. We carried her everywhere we went in the city, and we soon discovered the futility of a pram in difficult terrains such as hill stations, or treks up a mountain such as this one


Trekking in Paro, Bhutan…

Here are five top reasons why I feel babywearing and traveling with a little kid go hand in hand:

  1. You remain hands free while traveling alone, and you can quickly check into airports with your luggage in one hand and ticket in the other. I do this all the time.
  2. You can climb on/off trains so easy if you just have your baby strapped onto you. You do not have to open and close your stroller and find a separate place for it in busy trains and ask for help all the time which is embarrassing. This is especially true  when you are travelling extensively between countries on European trains.
  3. You do not have to worry about the sun shining too hard or rain disturbing your little one. You can nicely tuck him/her in on your lap with a sun hat over her, or wear your rain gear and cover them while you are walking.
  4. An ergonomic  SSC (Soft Structured Carrier) or converted carrier from a reputed company is a perfect companion for extensive walking and taking care of your shoulders and waist while you explore those gorgeous cathedrals, step into glitzy escalators in high end shopping malls, or walk into a busy evening flea market across the World. All this becomes such a task when you have to lug your pram along to these ‘walking best suitable’ zones
  5. Wearing your baby keeps him/her close and cuddled to you at all times (great for breastfeeding at public places), so they can still be at peace next to you while seeing the unfamiliarity of new places and cultures..this is a great opportunity for you to bond physically with your baby as you walk around the World.

So, embrace this beautiful innovation (actually age old tradition) of wearing your baby and JUMP straight into your next travel destination!


With my little bub the night before taking off to Phnom Penh, Cambodia…

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