Whats in my Backpack? 5 Essential Pouches You Need to Carry on your Holiday…

In this post, I am going to write about preparing that one backpack for your trip, that needs to have a mix of everything you will need for a perfect backpacking holiday anywhere in the world. Now there are some basic things that you CANNOT miss and then there are some seasonal items that would change depending on where you are travelling. Let me start with the


  1. Technology Pouch – Remember the travel pouches I mentioned in my post on 10 essentials to carry when you want to backpack with baby ? This pouch should contain everything related to technology that you will need to survive and record your trip. This roughly translates to mobile charger/s, multicountry adaptor, Ipad charger (if you HAVE to carry an ipad), Camera chargers and extra batteries, power bank for your mobile phone, a HDD for transferring files from camera (you can also use a flash drive like Strontium which makes it easier to transfer files on the go), selfie stick, and any other accessories or equipment like these from GoPro which fits in category ‘survive and record’ your trip

2. Toiletries Pouch – This should contain baby size bottles of essentials you will need for maintenance, and wellness. These include travel friendly size bottles of shampoo, conditioner, body wash, liquid soap, and all weather moisturizer. You can take a cue from themomsco travel friendly kits that you can carry in your pouch. What better way to pamper yourself on a backpacking holiday than some delicious smelling and toxin free products right? I have been using these and love their body wash and body butter, as they smell and feel divine on skin, not to mention their cute sizes which fit into my travel pouch. You can also carry a smaller beauty bag with eye pencil, lipbalm, and a lipstick, and an all weather makeup base just so you can feel and look pretty on your backpacking trip without having to carry tonnes of makeup


3. Medicine Pouch – I think its a wise idea to carry this on you at all times, as you never know when you may have to fish out a medicine while travelling. Label and separate baby medicines and your medicines in two ziplock bags and throw them into your medicine pouch. This should contain basic pills for headache, dizziness/nausea on flights, tummy upset, fever, cough/cold/allergies, and muscle pain. You can also throw in ORS (rehydration) packets, antiseptic cream, muscle pain reliever for all the walking, cotton balls, band aids, and medicated spirit pouches. Put in a small pair of scissors as well (if you are carrying a smaller carry on satchel, or haversack for cabin on flights, shift the medicine kit to this one and throw the scissors into your rucksack). Any daily medication should be carried and make sure you do  not miss out on this pouch. Medicines for baby should contain any daily calcium, vitamin and iron syrups, and  for cough/cold/fever, tummy upset, ear pain on flights, and an antiseptic. Pray you have to use these sparingly


4. Baby Diaper Change Pouch- Instead of carrying a separate diaper bag, make a pouch containing a couple of diapers, a changing sheet, baby wipes such as these from Himalaya (Gentle baby wipes) , diaper rash cream, a small sized baby lotion and a baby powder. Put in a few garbage bags for easy disposal, only one pair of change of clothes, zip the pouch and carry it with you at all times. This pouch comes in real handy on flights, trains, on the road, in mall or restaurant changing stations. Trust me! I swear by it… Carry the rest of the diapers and wipes in the body of the rucksack, and do not carry huge amounts, because baby diapers are available all over the World!


5. Snack Pouch- Fill this with anything you like, is light to carry and will refresh and fill you up. Mind the sugar content, and throw in healthier snacks like nuts trail mixes in ziplock bags, whole fruit, cut fruits for baby in an airtight bag, bread and cheese slices, milk for baby and small fruit juice bottles. You should always carry some food and water on you while travelling, esp when you are backpacking as you never know when you may be stuck in a place that does not have a cafe or supermarket.


These are some basic pouches you should carry with you no matter where you go, they have been helping me a lot and save a lot of space and effort so hope it helps you too…I’l be doing a post on prepping your rucksack with things you will need to carry depending on the weather so wait for my next one!!


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