Our stay at The Hammock – Wokha

We stayed for a night at The Hammock Resort, Wokha. We were hosted by a tour operator from the NorthEast called The Greener Pastures.

The resort is a cozy stopover on the way to Mokokchung. Located on NH-2, New Wokha at a distance of around 3kms from Wokha town. It is run by The Hammock Resort Group (HRG).

The resort is quite conveniently located, specially for tourists like us that were looking for a good night’s sleep with our kid. It has a pretty big area of around 3 acres, and consists of spacious and clean rooms, a picnic area, a large playground for kids, public use toilets, a hygienic restaurant serving Naga cuisine, resting sheds and gazebos for day tourists.

We checked into our deluxe room, turned on the heating and ordered hot noodle bowls and coffee right away as the cold had just started to set in. The room was nothing to write back home about, but the cleanliness was impeccable. I can be a bit fussy about hotel washrooms and that is the only thing I really insist upon and I must say I was pretty happy with how clean the washrooms were.

The best part about this resort was its restaurant. Though we ordered room service, we were very satisfied with the taste and quality of the food served. The menu was full of authentic Naga dishes, which we would have tried had we stayed there another day.

Arianna found plenty of space to run around, made use of the playground as she played a little with the local kids.

The Night Sky in Wokha

This finds a special mention because we had not seen a more beautiful sky since we visited Ladakh. The sky that night was literally a carpet of stars and we sat outside for a while braving the freezing cold, but watching the stars together. It was as though we could extend our hand and pull one of them out of the glittering sky. I do not think either of us will be able to forget that glittery night sky for quite a while

Watching the night sky together

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